This $1 Glitter Lipgloss Will Make You Feel like It’s 2004 Again

20th September 2019 in Lip Gloss, Lips, Reviews - No Comments

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Shopmissa AOA Diamond Lip Gloss in Cosmic, Glitz and Posh.

Because not all noughties trends were as bad as the over-plucked eyebrows.

Back when I was a teenager, we didn’t have YouTube to show us how to do our makeup properly. We had to fend for ourselves. Gen Z will never understand 2000s teen-makeup; often consisting of blue mascara, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse, and glitter lipgloss. While I never want to go anywhere near the bright orange Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse again, I was pleasantly suprised to see glitter lipgloss making a comeback. Nowadays it’s often referred to as a “lip topper” (perhaps to make it sound more glamorous than the makeup staple every teenager owned fifteen years ago), but the product itself remains the same. Except this time, it’s not as sticky.

I’ve seen some glitter lip products on the market for as much as £19; but if you’re like me and think that’s a ludicrous amount of money, the guys at Shop Miss A* have your back. The AOA Diamond Lip Gloss* is only $1 and comes in twelve colours. (Yes, international shipping is $10, but it still works out cheaper.)

Alice Red wearing AOA Diamond Lip Gloss in Posh, from Shopmissa.
Shopmissa AOA Diamond Lip Gloss swatches in Cosmic, Glitz and Posh.

I have three shades in my collection, and will most likely pick up more. First there’s Cosmic*: a mix of light violet and green shimmer. I also own Glitz*: a slightly more golden gloss with a strong pink shimmer reflect. My favourite is Posh*: a pink shimmer with a teeny bit of green. They can be worn alone, or dabbed over other lip products – personally, I prefer the latter. They have an intense glitter payoff but don’t feel like anything on the lips. I’ve tried glitter lip glosses that feel gritty, or overly sticky; but the AOA Diamond Lip Gloss is genuinely lightweight.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see other noughties beauty trends coming back into fashion as well? This time next month we could all be rocking over-plucked eyebrows again. (We won’t.)

Have you tried glitter lipgloss? How do you wear it?

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