My Low Buy Goals for 2020

27th December 2019 in Lifestyle - No Comments

I’ve mentioned this once or twice already on my channel, but I’d really like to buy less makeup and clothing in 2020. As a smaller creator, I often feel like I need to buy and review the latest products to get more views, so this is going to be a big challenge. But I can start by being more mindful.

How to Style Your Christmas Jumper

20th December 2019 in Fashion, Lifestyle - No Comments

It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’m wearing a festive jumper, but I sometimes find them difficult to style with my top-heavy frame. Of course, not everyone cares about whether clothes are flattering over the Christmas season (more power to you if you don’t), but I’ve found a few ways to feel more confident in my festive jumpers and thought I’d share them over here.