Revolution x Carmi Make Magic Eyeshadow Palette Review

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This post contains affiliate links (marked with an asterisk ‘*’). I have previously been given gifted items from Revolution, however this was purchased with my own money. Read my full disclaimer here.

Photo of the Revolution x Carmi MUA Make Magic Eyeshadow Palette on a white table.

I don’t normally buy colourful palettes like this one… but there was something very appealing about it.

My eye makeup always looks exactly the same: a light pink matte in the crease, a champagne washed over the lid, and whatever highlighter I’m using in my inner corner. I’m the proud owner of dozens of fairly similar (possibly identical) cool-toned neutral eyeshadow palettes; and a big fan of pinks, golds, and generally playing it safe when it comes to my makeup.

I say this, because I want to make it very clear that I was probably not the target audience for the Revolution x Carmi Make Magic Eyeshadow Palette*… and yet, I ended up buying it anyway. Perhaps I was drawn in by the bright colours, or I fancied something a bit different, or was thinking about the time I met Carmi MUA at a Revolution event and he was the nicest person ever. Either way, the palette is mine. Do I use it every single day? No – I’m not the type of person to wear a bright blue eyeshadow to Tesco – but I love it nevertheless.

Want to see my first impressions? Watch the video here:
Photo of the Revolution x Carmi MUA Make Magic Eyeshadow Palette on a white table.

Shades and swatches:

We have to talk about the six shades at the top of the palette. They’re beautiful! I’ve never seen anything like this texture in an eyeshadow palette before. They feel wet to the touch, and look amazingly metallic and pigmented on the lid when applied with your finger. If you’ve ever used a Colourpop Super Shock Shadow, we’re talking that kind of texture. Honestly, the whole palette is worth buying just for these six shades alone.

That being said – I do really love the mattes as well. Being a big fan of light pink tones, I tend to reach for the shades Bless (a pastel lilac colour) and Free Hugs (a wearable matte pink), and find myself incorporating them into most of my looks with this palette. I do think it would have been nice to add a bright hightlight shade for the inner corner, as well as a matte blue to wear with the three blue-toned wet shades; however it’s not a deal breaker as I have these shades in other palettes.

As with the majority of my Revolution palettes, the quality and performance is incredible for the price. I don’t know about you guys, but I rarely look at other brands when it comes to eyeshadow palettes in the drugstore anymore.

Swatches of Revolution x Carmi MUA Make Magic Eyeshadow Palette on pale skin.

There are so many looks you could create with this palette.

The colour selection is absolutely stunning. Anyone who likes wearing colour on their eyes will love the rainbow selection of shades. I usually want to do a blue-themed look when I reach for this palette; but you could also do something bright pink, or peach, or maybe get something a little smokier. Maybe you could get something a little more neutral if you really wanted to, but I have a thousand other palettes for that – when I use the Carmi palette, I want colour.

When I used the palette in my first impressions video, I did something pink and blue and loved the finished result. I also used the bright blue shade Under My Spell on this look I did on Instagram, with the blue mattes in Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes*. (By the way, those palettes work ridiculously well together.)

Is this palette right for you?

If you’re a fan of colourful eyeshadow looks, want to try something more adventurous for the first time, or are just stuck in a rut with your makeup, you’ll probably love this palette. I think those who aren’t as obsessed with makeup (you know, the ones who don’t watch makeup videos on YouTube all day) might struggle when it comes to creating looks. But I think for the price it’s worth having in your collection, even if you end up mixing it with your more neutral palettes to create something more wearable.

What do you think of the Revolution X Carmi collab? Let me know in the comments.

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