My New Favourite Setting Powders from Revolution Pro

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I know setting powders aren’t the most exciting products in the world, but I think they make a huge difference to the way my makeup looks.

Even though I have very dry skin, I still like to powder my face. I see so many YouTuber’s skip this step and often wonder how they get away with it. I have a habit of going overboard with my foundation and concealer, so I need to set everything in place to stop it sliding around. A decent setting powder will lock my makeup into place, extend wear time, and add an extra smidge of coverage.

I have two setting powders from Revolution Pro that I go back to time and time again. They do such a good job for the price and have earned their way into my everyday makeup routine.

First, there’s the Revolution Pro Skin Finish in Luminescence*. Fun fact: this is sold as a highlighter, but it’s an amazing setting powder for dry skin. I love it underneath my eyes when I haven’t had enough sleep, or all over if my base is looking a little flat. And I guess you could use it as an actual highlighter as well… if you really want to. It gives the most beautiful, natural glow to the skin while setting my makeup.

If I still have any redness showing after I’ve put on foundation and concealer (which is most of the time), I love the Revolution Pro Powder Foundation in F2*. I take a Real Techniques Setting Brush and dust it lightly over the offending areas. A little goes a long way with this powder – if I go overboard things can look very cakey very quickly, but a light layer makes so much difference in how my complexion looks. I have the shade F1* as well, which I imagine I’ll be reaching for more in the colder months.

Obviously, because it’s Revolution they’re super affordable, and only cost £5 each. That’s pretty good, considering setting powders are one of the very few products I actually use up.

Are you a fan of setting powders? Have you tried these? Let me know in the comments.

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