EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Building Your Own Custom Palette

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Two large empty Revolution Pro magnetic eyeshadow palettes, filled with various custom shadows and powders from Colourpop, Beautonomy, and Revolution.

If you love eyeshadow but only finding yourself using half the shades in your palettes, it might be worth considering making one of your own. 

I recently uploaded a video on my custom eyeshadow palette, and I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned along the way while I was building it. As you’re buying every individual shade, the cost can add up quite quickly and end up being far more expensive than a pre-made palette in the drugstore. Personally, I thought it was worth the cost as it’s just something I’ve always wanted to do; and it makes my life so much easier when doing my everyday makeup or travelling. That being said, this post will hopefully help keep the price down compared to going somewhere like MAC.

Want to see what’s in my custom eyeshadow palette? Watch this:

Before you start adding items to your basket, it might be worth making a list of what shades you’re after so you know what you’re looking for.

When I was doing this, I went through my favourite eyeshadow palettes and looked at the shades I used the most – so I knew I needed a light mauve colour for the crease, a dark chocolate brown for my eyeliner, an inner-corner highlight shade, and some golds to wash over the lid. I also thought about shades I wanted to wear but were harder to find, like olive tones and burgundies. Thinking about what you wear the most will help you buy shades you’ll actually use.

Once you have a shopping list ready, it’s time to research the brands as they all have different benefits. Some have more choice and more unique shades, and some have other options like customisable packaging. Looking at different stores could even help you save money through bundle deals or stumbling across a sale. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start – I’ve listed my favourites places for buying single shadows below.

Ready to go shopping? Here are my favourite stores for single eyeshadows:


Colourpop has an amazing BYOP (Build Your Own Palette)* promotion, so if you’re starting from scratch this is probably one of the most affordable brands to look at. You can do a small or large palette, and have the option of adding their pressed powders/bronzers/blushers as well. They have one of the best colour selections out there, though I would definitely recommend looking up swatches on Temptalia as some of the shades are slightly different in person. My favourite Colourpop shadows are Snake Eyes*, Renegade*, Mr Sandman*, Earthshine*, and Pretty Cruel*.

(And yes, you can order them if you live in the UK. If you spend over $50 you get free shipping, and they add VAT at checkout so you won’t have to pay customs when it gets here.)

Revolution Pro

Revolution Pro have eyeshadow refill packs for £5-6, making them great value for money. They don’t have as much choice as Colourpop, but they do have a lot of the basic shades. I have the Base refill pack* and love it (I used most of the shades in my Everyday Makeup Routine video), their Highlighter Refill Pack in Sensational Lights*, and a few of their large empty palettes (which are almost always half price on their website).

Makeup Obsession 

Obsession don’t sell individual single eyeshadows, however, their newer palettes all have removable magnetic shades (including their blush and highlighter palettes). I have their Mad About Mauve Blush Palette*, and love putting these shades in my large palette when I’m travelling. 

Prima Makeup

I’ve seen a few of their single shadows on Fragrance Direct* recently, and they’re great quality. I have their Single Shimmer Eyeshadows in Crystal Eyes, Dusky Rose and Mr Bright Sky*, but they have a few pressed glitters over there as well that look really beautiful. Let me know if you’ve tried them in the comments.


Beautonomy is a great option if you’re just after a few key shades, and want to personalise the packaging. I worked with them earlier in the year and made some beautiful palettes that have everything I need for travel. Have a look at my blog post over here if you want to find out more.

I personally love having a custom palette and having more choice with my makeup.

Since filming my recent video, I’ve actually changed the layout and have two palettes now: one with only eyeshadows, and an everyday makeup palette featuring face powders and my basic eyeshadow shades. My new bit-of-everything palette is perfect for doing my makeup in a hurry or when I’m travelling, and the eyeshadow palette is great for more colourful looks or when I have a bit longer to get ready.

Would you ever consider building your own palette? What would you put in it? Let me know in the comments! 

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