Revolution Baking Oil Review

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Revolution Baking Oil Primer

Has your skin gone to crap? Yeah, mine too. Give this a try.

I’ve seen a few oil primers on YouTube and Instagram recently, so I picked up the Revolution Baking Oil Primer* to see what all the fuss was about. My skin seems to be getting drier the older I get, and there’s definitely more texture and fine lines, so my “regular” primers just don’t seem to cut it anymore. I was hoping the Baking Oil would do a good job at smoothing everything out and helping my foundation go on. Fast forward a few months, and I haven’t put it down.

Alice Red, wearing Revolution Baking Oil Primer and CYO Lifeproof Foundation in 101 for the perfect dewy skin.

I thought using an oil as primer might feel a bit weird, but actually it’s exactly the same as applying skincare. It’s a little thinner than the Argan Oil I usually slap on my face every evening, but doesn’t absorb as much – which sounds like a bad thing, but I think that’s what helps my foundation look so radiant afterwards. It gives my skin the most beautiful glow, and makes even the most stubborn matte foundation much easier to apply. Most days, I skip highlighter, and rely on the baking oil to make my skin look more radiant. You can also mix a drop of the Baking Oil with a matte foundation to give it a bit more life, or with concealers that cling to dry patches.

See the Revolution Baking Oil applied in this video:

For application, you don’t need to drip the oil directly on your face like they do on Instagram – I did that at first, and I went through the product very quickly. Since then I’ve started applying a drop or two on my fingers, rubbing my hands together, and then patting my face.

You’ll love this primer if you have dry skin, skin texture, mature skin (or even just fine lines, like me), or if you’re looking for something to give your complexion more radiance.

TLDR: This product is a miracle worker. 

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