Creating my Own Palettes with Beautonomy [Gifted Products]

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My collection of personalised Beautonomy palettes.
My collection of personalised Beautonomy palettes.

If there’s one thing I love more than makeup, it’s personalised makeup.

If you’ve ever bought your own empty magnetic palette and filled it up with single pans; you’ll love making your own palette on Beautonomy. It’s a control-freak’s dream. You can choose literally everything about it – the shades, how many colours there are, and even design the palette itself. You can customise one of their existing templates, or upload your own design. Once the product arrives, you can swap out the shades when the seasons change, or when you’re travelling, or when you just feel like switching things up a little.

When Beautonomy contacted me and asked if I wanted to work with them, I knew I’d have a lot of fun creating my own products. Here’s what I picked, how I customised them, and what I think of the performance. Scroll down for swatches!

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Palette 1. Small, travel-friendly palette with a blush and bronzer.

For my first palette, I wanted something small and travel-friendly. I decided to add my name to a pre-existing template design, as I loved the theme of Silver Fern so much. I picked a blush and bronzer; as well as a matte pink shade, a light coloured shimmer, and a deep brown for lining the eyes. I also got a brighter pink eyeshadow that I could swap out with another shade when I wanted something a little more colourful.

Products used: Silver Fern Palette (£19.99, including shades), and an extra shadow for £4. Eyeshadows (L-R from swatches): K-Pop (bright pink), Cupid (Softer Pink), French (glittery champagne with a gold reflect), Dark Brown (it is what it says on the tin). Bronzer: Paradise. Blush: Kawii.

Swatches from Beautonomy eyeshadows.

Palette 2: A neutral, cool-toned eyeshadow palette.

For my second palette, I picked my go-to cool-toned shades, with gold tones on the left and purples on the right. This time I created my own custom palette, which made it much easier to see the colour story and how all the shades would look together. For the design, I picked a marble cover, and gold on the inside of the palette.

Products used: Custom eight eyeshadow palette (with Banswara cover), £24.99 including shades. Colours L-R in swatch photo: Desert Sand (warm matte), Golden Sugar (light champagne shimmer), Clay (matte brown), Ginger Bread (bronze shimmer), Rosso (cool violet matte), Sevelina (purple matte), Merlot (purple shimmer), and Rose Gold (pink shimmer with gold reflect).⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Swatches from Beautonomy eyeshadows, bronze, blush and highlight.

Palette 4: A summer-themed palette, with warm tones and a pop of blue.

I knew I wanted a pop of blue in my final palette – so I chose the Blossoming Palette, which had a really pretty blue floral design. For the custom text, I just put ‘My Face’, as I knew this would be a really handy travel palette. There are four eyeshadows; as well as a bronzer, blush, and highlighter.

Blossoming palette (£20.99, including shades). Shades (L-R from watched photos): and shades Papaya (matte coral), Mithai (warm gold shimmer), Oh Honey! (matte orange-brown), Bluebell (matte blue). Bronzer: Medium-Dark. Blush: Graceful Salmon. Highlight: Kream.

Alice Red applying the customised shades in the Beautonomy 'Blossom' Palette.

So how do the Beautonomy palettes perform?

The formula for the Beautonomy shadows is a lot more pigmented that I was expecting, especially as they’re only £4 each. I’d definitely advise using a light hand to avoid fallout. The shimmer and glitter shades can be especially messy if you’re not careful, but it’s worth it. The colours are very pretty once applied.

My only critique of Beautonomy is that some of the shades don’t look exactly the same as they do on their website. (For example, I expected the shade Cupid to be a light pastel pink, but it’s actually quite bright.) I find this happens a lot with makeup, and as a photographer I completley understand that it’s hard to capture the colours of beauty products 100% accurately. Just make sure to look at swatches before you buy and you’ll probably be fine.

I really loved working with Beautonomy and creating my own palettes with them. It’s a very unique service, and I think the prices are fair considering how personalised everything is – but if you want to save some money, click my referral link below:

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*This is an affiliate link, meaning I will earn commission if you click it and go on to purchase a product.

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